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Gmail White Stripped Login Screen

As this is the first post for Creative Userstyles' Blog I'd like to introduce you a userstyle to fresh up Google's Gmail Login Screen and its inbox.

Get to know Gmail White Stripped Login Screen 
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It is a clean custom style for Gmail from Google and will give you a new fresh look for Gmail's login screen. As a bonus I've applied some tweaks so that there's no ads distraction or links for other Google products after you login with your Gmail's account. 
It fits perfectly for those who want to keep the focus on what's important: E-mails! 

No javascript at all, this is a pure css userstyle to bring some beauty for your Gmail.



If you're new to userstyles, it basically allows you to control how Web pages that you visit look. This is especially useful if you have accessibility issues. But it's also helpful if you just want to avoid seeing annoying things like advertisements and unusable cluttered information or just to make the web more beautiful and functional at your own taste.

In orde to apply Gmail White Stripped Login Screen userstyle, you should be using most recent versions of modern web browsers such as Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari and also have "Stylish" extension / add-on installed on your browser.

Learn more about userstyles at - is one of the most complete userstyles repository.

Using Stylish for Firefox:

Using Stylish for Chrome:

Stylish for Safari (beta):


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