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Gmail Login Tottaly Clean

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Gmail Login Tottaly Clean is a cleaner/minimalist version of Gmail White Stripped Login Screen,
you can see it here

Try it and enjoy it if you are a fan of minimalist things :)
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More Info

Last update: May 26, 2012
Version: 1.5

Overview: Giving the fact Google has reached a satisfactory design consistency amongst its web apps, I've just come with this update in order to keep the "project" alive. I hope you like it!

Change log:

- New custom style to reflect changes for the new Gmail's Login Screen

- Ads removal / No ads distraction or links for other Google products after you login with your Gmail's account

- Kept it simple, no custom backgrounds, no ads, just a clean login screen and e-mails! - Fixed bugs related to Google's products and services links top bar

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